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Learning Your City’s Pool Fence Rules

PHOENIX – A pool fence is of the best ways to prevent tragedies like a child drowning. But every city in the valley has its own laws and regulations about fences around pools.


– Perimeter fences must be 5 feet tall, and there can’t be any large openings in it
– If you have a child younger than 6, you have to have a motorized pool safety cover, a self closing and self latching gate, or an alarm when the gate opens


– If your home was built after 1995 you have to have a fence
– If it was built before 1995, you only have to have one if you have kids
– The gate on the fence must be self closing, self latching
– There also has to be a barrier that separates your pool from your house — that fence must be at least 4 feet high


– Similar laws as Scottsdale, but here the grandfather date for homes not needing fences is earlier
– Homes built before 1990 do not require fences, unless a child 6 years or younger lives there
– Non-compliance fine is up to $2,500

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Learning Your City’s Pool Fence Rules: