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Learn about your swimming pool with Pool 101

Pool 101 service is provided to pool owners who want to better understand how their swimming pool works. For this learning experience, Poolman will send a manager out to your home. This knowledgeable pool professional will take one hour to teach you everything (or almost everything) you have ever wanted to know about your pool. He or she will review information about chemicals, equipment and the overall pool area. Lessons may include how your equipment works together and the chemicals that maintain your swimming pool.

During your Pool 101 visit, you will learn about the following:

Pool Chemicals – Balance and Safety

We will start with a lesson on the pool chemicals required to keep your pool chemically balanced. You may be reminded of your high school chemistry class as we go over chlorine, pH, alkalinity, stabilizer and, if applicable, salt level. We will also let you know about any potential risks or hazards that come with handling or storing these products, and how to maintain a hazard-free environment in your backyard. Common questions answered include, “What are the acceptable levels for this chemical?”, “What chemicals are needed for my pool?” and “How do you keep all these different chemicals adjusted correctly?”

Pool Equipment – Form and Function

Next, we will walk you through your pool equipment – explaining each part of the equipment and its function. We will also review the maintenance needed to ensure that each component stays in good working order. For example, we will review your filter, its components and its role in the overall health of your pool. Each pool may use a different type of filter, so we customize your lesson based on your equipment. Other pool equipment may include the pump, valves, baskets and o-rings. Get questions answered like “How often should my equipment be serviced?”

In the end, you will understand the importance of each piece of equipment and its basic functions.

Pool Area – The Big Picture

This is where we take a step back and review your pool’s environment – giving you a pool professional’s perspective on your backyard. Debris and build up from the surrounding environment can negatively impact your pool’s filtering mechanism and chemical balance. For example, if there is loose, un-landscaped dirt you may be allowing excessive debris to be introduced to the pool. Additionally, a low-hanging tree over the pool or bushes close to the pool’s perimeter may also be items of concern.

The Cost

Overall, Poolman’s Pool 101 service helps customers understand their pool in its entirety – from equipment to chemicals. We know that knowledge is power, and Poolman wants to empower their customers to make the right choices when it comes to their property. Be better prepared for the demands of pool ownership. The cost for Pool 101 is $55.00 for customers and $75.00 for non-customers. This month, we are offering a coupon for 10% off Pool 101. This coupon will only be valid from May 15, 2013 through June 15, 2013. Download the coupon now and schedule your appointment today!

While there is still a need for a pool professional to help with repairs and regular maintenance, your new pool knowledge will help you to identify problems before they become costly.

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Be sure to note

Please note that during our Pool 101 visit, we do not perform cleaning services and or chemical balance as a part of this service. Often done as a courtesy, the manager will make minor adjustments to the chemical balance if the pool is in trouble and the manager can prevent further issues from arising, but this is not a part of the Pool 101 service. Any additional cleaning requirements or needed repairs that the customer may need/want would be performed at an additional cost.