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Kids pool toys that are hot for 2013

Once you’ve called your Phoenix pool service professionals to get a full-scale cleaning, water balance consultation and an inspection of your pool’s machinery, it’s time to start enjoying your outdoor space. For families with children, investing in water toys can enrich the experience of hanging out by the pool each day during swimming season, and they are also great activities for pool parties and other get-togethers. If you’re thinking of investing in a few of these products, keep the following list of poolside classics and innovative new designs that can make the warm weather a bit more interesting.

Pool volleyball
While it’s certainly not a new idea, pool volleyball is a great choice for outdoor gatherings and can allow multiple people to participate. While some products can be set up quickly and use weighted poles that span either side of the pool, homeowners can also go for the gusto with products that can be installed directly into their pool deck. Volleyball USA offers quality volleyball nets and poles that can stand up to wear and tear and adverse weather. You can also choose to play with a standard volleyball, or make it a bit easier for newbies by using a large beach ball.

Diving games
There are a wealth of diving games on the market that encourage pool users to strap on their goggles and search their pool depths for any number of items. According to, one of the hottest products on the market is the Swimway Submergency. This small ball-shaped device can be set to varying depths to allow it to float on the surface, sink or remain suspended somewhere in the middle. The product also features a customizable LED timer that can be set from 15 seconds to one and a half minutes.

Geyser Toys
There’s nothing quite like a game of catch, and it’s even more exciting when there’s a pool to keep you cool in the process! The pool fun professionals at Geyser Guys have come up with a bunch of sports-themed pool products, like the Geyser Football, Baseball and Bat, and Frisbee toys. Each of the products will absorb water when they’re in the pool and they will spray up to 100 feet in diameter while in flight. Best of all, these products are very affordably priced and will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.