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Kid Friendly Summer Activities

Can’t make it to the pool today? There are plenty of things kids can do to enjoy their summer each and everyday.


Enjoy Homemade Ice CreamWell, school is over for us and I am kind of freaking out . . . I now have to entertain my kids every single day. I like them to have plenty of time to becreative and use their imaginations, but I am hoping to avoid that dreaded phrase, “Mom . . . I’m BORED!”  So, I decided that I would put together a list of things for us to do to help myself out (and hopefully you too!).


1.Make home.made ice cream in a bag. Here’s a great recipe!

. Ride bikes outside
3. Make your own Bleach T-Shirts. Here is the tutorial (this is fun and easy for all ages!).
4. Have a bike car wash for all the kids in your neighborhood.
5. Make a bike obstacle course using chalk and other “obstacles”. Here are some great ideas to get you started!
6. Go to all the parks within a 10 mile radius and choose which one is your favorite. Make a “Park Passport” and check each park off as you visit it.
7. Make a PVC Kid Wash and you will be the most popular family in the neighborhood! This is one of my kids’ favorite summer activities!
8. Have a campout in the backyard and sleep outside in a tent.
9. Make homemade popsicles. Here is over 100 recipes!
10. Make nature bracelets- wrap a piece a duct tape around your wrist with the sticky side up. Take a walk