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Keeping your Phoenix pool safe and long-lasting

Given the often sizzling-hot temperatures of the city, it makes sense that Phoenix pool owners would value their pools more than others from across the country do. It follows that Phoenix pool maintenance might be taken a bit more seriously than pool upkeep in other cities. In the upcoming months, colder temperatures may lead to new issues with your pool that need to be resolved. If you’re a Phoenix pool owner, you need nothing less than the best treatment to keep your pool safe throughout the year and operable for many years to come.

Poolman has the expertise to provide that. Poolman’s repair services include a variety of options designed to keep your pool in top-notch condition.

Here are several pool repair services for you to choose from:

Pumps, motors and filters
Without these features, pools become dirty, unsafe and unusable. Unfortunately, these pool components tend to malfunction quite often. Once one of these features becomes defective, it can be very costly if you wait to get it repaired. Count on Poolman’s expert repair services to fix any issues related to your pumps, motors and filters right away.

During these winter months, a functioning pool heater becomes a necessity to keep your pool running. If your heater has been damaged, you’ll want to get it fixed now more than ever. Call Poolman today to repair your heater – or if you would like to have one installed, call Poolman to receive a free quote.

Now that the sun is going down earlier in the day, it helps to have your pool lights working so that you can feel free to take a dip in the dark. Poolman will repair any broken or weathered lights in your pool quickly and painlessly. In addition, Poolman offers you the option to have LED lights installed, which would conveniently reduce both your carbon footprint and your electric bill.

An Arizona state law passed in 2012 requires that if a single-speed pool pump one horsepower or greater fails, it must be replaced with a pump that has multi-speed capabilities. It’s crucial to have fixes made by professionals who have awareness of recent legal changes like this so that your pool is repaired properly and lawfully.

Don’t let your pool suffer from the common issues that so many pools experience during the winter – call Poolman today to keep your pool safe, warm and comfortable.