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Keep your pool drains clean and running

You want your pool to be up and running and ready for everything all season long, and in order to make sure that happens you have to keep your drain clean. Having a pool is a luxury, but with it comes a great deal of responsibility if you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. 

Understanding your pool drain
The pool drain doesn't actually drain the pool of its water exactly. What it does is suck the water from the pool into the filter where it's cleaned and then sent back into the pool. According to Ask the Pool Guy, maintaining clean drains can ideally help a pool last from the time it's built until the day the owner decides to shut it down or have it disassembled, without ever emptying and refilling it.

The Community Voice noted that even when you make an effort to keep your pool clean, sometimes it needs to be partially drained in order to restore the chemical balance. Maintaining your pool doesn't require an advanced degree in chemistry, but you need to make sure the pH is balanced and that other disinfectants are present at the proper levels. 

Tackle the big stuff
Use your pool skimmer to get the larger debris out of the pool so it doesn't clog your drain, inhibiting the water's journey to the filter. When things like leaves or pine needles end up clogging the drain, the dirty water doesn't get to the filter where it can be cleaned and ends up staying in the pool. Simply taking the time each day to clean large pieces of trash out of the pool can make a big difference as far as cleanliness and clarity.   

Poolman recommends cleaning your drain regularly in order to avoid any hassle with a dirty pool. The main drain can be quite difficult and time consuming to unclog, so it's definitely worth asking a Poolman professional from the Phoenix, Dallas or San Diego pool service to come out to your home to get the job done. A professional can come clean the drain, drain your pool and ensure that no contaminants are left behind. 

Once the job is done, jump in with the family and enjoy!