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Keep your Phoenix pool features running strong

The more adventurous homeowner will often get an in-ground pool installed, perfect the perimeter and the water itself, then quickly move on to the wild world of pool features. From special jets to miniature sandstone cliffs and beautiful rock waterfalls, the sky is truly the limit when you’re considering adding special features to your Phoenix area pool.

However, these features will often need just as much tender loving care as the pool itself, and can sometimes be just as tricky to maintain. Consider calling Poolman for all of your Phoenix area pool service needs, as this exceptional organization is capable of handling any and all maintenance needs for your pool and its special features.

Tips for better features
You likely put in a lot of effort deciding which features you included in your pool, such as fountains and additions to the perimeter, so you should always make sure that they’re properly maintained to avoid expensive replacements, repairs and remodeling. Here are some considerations you might want to look over when developing a maintenance schedule:

  • Chemical balance: Regardless of whether the feature is a waterfall or a fountain, if it has water, you’ll need to make sure that the chemical balance is correct throughout the year. Many fountains and waterfalls will pull water through a pump from the pool itself, so keeping your pool running properly will go a long way for your features.
  • Perimeter: If you’ve purchased and implemented new features that are located on the immediate perimeter of the pool, you’ll have to be especially mindful of the structural damages that could occur underneath the additions. You’ll want to look under and around the items to check for cracks, especially right after the features are added. Remember, a little crack can turn into a massive problem.
  • Equipment: If your features have piping, pumps, drains, filters or other equipment, they’ll need to be regularly checked to ensure that everything is working properly. Letting too much time pass between evaluations of the equipment can lead to more significant issues, such as having to replace the entire feature because of one broken part.

Poolman offers fountain servicing for all of your water feature needs. Visits can include either simple chemical checks and balancing or full-service maintenance of the entire system. Don’t hesitate to keep your features running smoothly – call Poolman for your Phoenix area pool service needs.