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Keep your Maricopa pool safe with Poolman’s chemical services

Just about every pool owner in Maricopa knows that chlorine treatment is essential to keeping pool water clean. But the proper chemical treatment of pools doesn’t stop there. In order to maintain your pool at the optimal pH level and keep out algae, other chemicals are often required. The chemical treatment of pools is more complicated than most pool owners would think, which is why it helps to have certified pool professionals take care of the work for you. And fortunately, Poolman’s chemical experts provide year-long Maricopa pool maintenance, keeping your pool chemicals perfectly balanced whenever needed.

One important aspect of pool maintenance that pool owners may not realize is that different types of chlorine are needed for specific purposes. Using the wrong type of chlorine treatment on your pool could lead to unclean water. Additionally, special chemicals like Muriatic Acid may be needed to adjust pH levels. Using too much of these chemicals can be very dangerous, so it’s best to leave this work to an experienced professional. Look no further than Poolman to balance your pool chemicals properly on a regular basis. We offer a variety of Maricopa pool services, one of which is certain to be the right plan for you and your pool.

Simply Chemical
This is our most basic offering and can be performed on an as-needed basis. We offer this service at a competitive price, so you can stay worry free with your pool and your wallet.

Weekly BBB (Brushing, baskets and backwashing)
Count on Poolman to take care of the back breaking work needed to maintain the beauty and safety of your pool. With this service option, Poolman performs brushing, backwashing and basket-emptying as needed. We clean your pool on a weekly basis and balance your chemicals every other week. This is an ideal maintenance routine for pools with automatic vacuum systems, such as Hayward, Kreepy and Baracuda.

Weekly Full Service
Poolman’s most comprehensive service plan offers the same services as the Weekly BBB option with added services like vacuuming and skimming. Let our Maricopa pool maintenance team vacuum those uncleaned corners at the bottom of your pool. Thorough vacuuming and skimming will keep your pool algae-free, preventing the threat of recreational water illnesses. The Weekly Full Service plan will keep you the most responsible pool owner you can be.

Poolman strives to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with our customers. To display our gratitude, we offer a free salt system installation to our customers who are in good standing. Call Poolman today for one of our service options – we’re sure that our commitment to quality pool maintenance will be obvious.