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Keep the kids entertained with these pool games

Summertime is when kids enjoy a couple of months of freedom be fore heading back to the drudgery of school, but it often doesn't take long for that dreaded phrase "I'm bored," to fall out of their mouths. A pool is a great way to stay cool and, with these games, to ensure they have fun all summer whether they're in Phoenix, Fort Worth or San Diego

Shark in the water                  
This game can have an infinite amount of players, and the only equipment you need are goggles for the "shark." According to Kidspot, the game begins with the shark in the water and the rest of the players standing by the edge of the pool. The players jump into the water and the hunt commences. Players must try to reach the edge of the pool without being tagged by the shark, and are only allowed out of the water for five seconds at a time. Once you get tagged you become the shark. Flippers for the shark are also an option, unless you feel it gives the hunter an unfair advantage. 

Racing can be fun and this game throws a little uncertainty into the mix. Pool & Spa Outdoor says that anybody who can swim the length of the pool should be able to play. There is one announcer and as many racers as you'd like to play. The announcer chooses a category, for example, animals. After the announcer tells the racers what the category is, he or she is supposed to turn around cover their ears and count to ten, as the racers each pick an animal making sure everybody has a different one. When the announcer turns around one of the racers will tell him two of the animals and the announcer will pick one, and race somebody without knowing who it is. Each swimmer will go in different directions and the rest of the players will judge who the winner is. The element of surprise is part of what makes this game fun. The winner shouts "toothpaste," when he or she reaches the other side of the pool and that person then becomes the announcer. 

Mermaid races                        
Another idea from Kidspot that is simple and should be fun for younger girls is to hold mermaid races. The kids can make their own mermaid necklaces with string and plastic shells. The supervising adult then tells the kids to line up in the pool and tells them when to take off. First mermaid to reach the other side wins!