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Issues to avoid and tips for keeping your Fort Worth pool in great condition

Ignoring your pool can lead to a lot of problems, but you don't need to do everything yourself, as you can always hire a Forth Worth pool service to lend a hand. Here are some issues to avoid and tips to follow for keeping your pool in great condition even if you already have a service provider.

Avoid harmful algal blooms
Harmful algal blooms are a bacteria called cyanobacteria. According to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, this type of algae can be dangerous to humans, pets and birds. 

You will notice algae growing in your pool if the water starts to turn green. However, while not all algae is considered dangerous, your pool probably contains harmful algal blooms if the water appears to be blue-green. For everyone's safety, if your pool looks green, avoid it.

Harmful algal blooms can affect children and pets by simply coming in contact with the infected water. They cause skin and eye irritation, but in severe cases may lead to stomach pain, difficulty breathing, nausea and dizziness or numbness. If you or your children get out of a pool and show signs of these symptoms, make sure to call a physician immediately. Similarly, if you notice your pet exhibiting weakness, staggering or convulsions, seek veterinary attention right away.

The first step to take to avoiding harmful algal blooms would be to hire a Fort Worth pool service. This will ensure that your pool is getting the constant attention that it deserves.

Another step would be to test the water regularly with test strips. Ask your pool service provider which brand they recommend. Even though they will test the water for you, it can only help to constantly know about the condition of your pool.

Avoid purchasing you own products
While you may be tech savvy, purchasing the wrong pool product could cost you thousands of dollars.

Prevent this by hiring a pool service. They know what will work best in your pool for your specific needs.

Also, the Topeka Capital-Journal suggests that you keep all warranties for pool products installed in your pool. You never know when a problem could arise and it's always best to be prepared.

Avoid products that use large amounts of energy
Advancements in technology have come a long way in the pool industry. By switching to a variable-speed pool pump, you could save 90 percent of the energy of a two-speed pool pump, according to Pentair Pool. Ask your local Fort Worth pool service what they suggest to save on energy costs.