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Is your pool ready for the summer?

No one enjoys having to spend money on repairs or replacement of vital components of his or her swimming pool equipment. Having to purchase a new pump or filter – or even repairing some pool equipment – can be very pricey. While there is unfortunately no way to avoid some repairs or part replacements, there is a lot that a homeowner can do to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Like many items we use around the house, equipment needs to be maintained and kept in good working order to get as much life from a product as possible. If we do not change the oil in our cars or have the A/C unit for our homes serviced, neither will continue to function properly, and eventually, that lack of maintenance may lead to repairs or replacement. Swimming pools are no different; pumps, filters and the water in the pool all need to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent unnecessary costs.

Some items to consider this winter that could help you prepare for a fun, uninterrupted swimming season this summer include:

Filter cleaning: No matter the type or brand of filter you own, each require routine and regular maintenance to ensure the filter is keeping your pool water as clean as possible. Without regular cleanings, the filter will not keep the pool clean of debris. This can lead to algae blooms and loss of swim time.

Circulation pumps: Pumps work best when there are no leaks and the basket is cleaned regularly and without breaks. If the pump is losing prime due to a leak or a stopped-up basket, there could be damage to the pump, leaving the pool water stagnate.

Automatic Water Levelers: It is vital to always maintain a proper water level in a swimming pool in order to keep the equipment from losing prime and causing damage to the swimming pool’s equipment. If the water is low, there could be damage to the pump and possible discoloration to the tiles.

Water: A swimming pool needs to be drained regularly. Without doing so, the swim quality is degraded and swimmers can be subjected to skin and eye irritations. Along with uncomfortable swimming, the pool’s surface may develop staining and a buildup of mineral deposits. Keeping a swimming pool chemically balanced becomes more difficult when water is older and in need of draining.

Summer will be here before you know it, and the last thing any pool owner wants to deal with is a pool that he or she cannot use. Do not let the neglect of regular maintenance on your swimming pool equipment keep you from enjoying your pool this summer.