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Is your pool ready for the spring?

Every season brings change, so why should spring be any different? By then, you’ll be far into your New Year’s resolutions, and will have been hitting the gym and working hard. You deserve a little reward. Upgrade your swimming pool to go with your new figure.

Here are 10 features perfect for spring:

  1. Resurface pool interior (plaster, pebble, quartz)
    Give your backyard a polished look by fixing any stains and cracks, or simply having the entire pool resurfaced.
  2. Pool tile replacement/installation
    You wouldn’t let your kitchen floor look like a mess, so why would you let your pool get out of control?
  3. Pool deck
    Perhaps one of the most obvious parts of the backyard is the deck. It’s true that not all decks are the same, and that you should pick an option that’s safe for you and your loved ones.
  4. Water features
    Be it a wok pot, sheer descent, gusher or waterfall – these features can make your home feel more like paradise. Thinking about a getaway? Why don’t you just upgrade the pool so you can bring your favorite beach to your own backyard.
  5. Handrails
    You can’t put a price on safety when it comes to the people you love. Prevent accidents and assist people getting in and out of the water by installing some handrails.
  6. Steps
    Again, you’ll want people to easily get in and out of the water. You’d be surprised just how good the pool can look with the right stairs.
  7. Other safety features
    No one should have a pool without a drain and drain cover. Not only do you prevent injuries, but in many places they’re required under state law. If you’ve had your pool a long time, you may not even have one. It’s better to check and be safe rather than sorry.
  8. Rolled bond beam renovation
    Start anew and give your pool a fresh look by fixing this blunder. It may be causing you to lose water.
  9. LED lights
    If you’ve always wanted to swim under the stars, now you can. LED lights illuminate the water so you don’t bump into any walls once the sun goes down. Keep the party going longer with this feature.
  10. Salt system
    One of the coolest ways to upgrade your pool is with a salt system. Take a dip and your skin will feel smoother and look more radiant.

If you’re interested in the aforementioned services, call Fort Worth, San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix pool service professionals.