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Is it okay for my dog to swim in my pool?

No dream home is complete without a swimming pool, which can be a great way to get in plenty of exercise and soak up the sun’s rays while enjoying the cool and refreshing feel of the water.

And for many homeowners who opt to invest in pools, the notion of hosting parties and planning barbecues around this area is one of the biggest reasons for choosing to have a pool in the first place.

During get-togethers like this, it’s not uncommon for friends and loved ones to bring their dogs along for the ride. If the weather is especially hot or muggy, these folks may ask if it’s okay for them to let their four-legged companions swim in your pool. If you have a dog as well, you may be asking yourself the same question.

Is it okay to let dogs swim in pools, especially one that you use on a regular basis? With these helpful tips, you can get a better sense of whether this is the right decision for you.

Dogs and the water
When it comes to swimming, it may surprise you to learn that dogs can actually be excellent swimmers and relish this as a form of exercise. Similar to running or jumping, dogs can be skilled at the activity and can keep a pet parent on his or her toes during a swim session.

However, despite the fact that dogs enjoy swimming, it may not be ideal for you to let your dog – and especially strange dogs – into your San Diego pool. This is because dogs can transmit infectious agents like salmonella and Giardia, even when they’re in a pool.

Conditions like salmonella and Giardia can be hazardous for humans and introduced into the water by pets themselves, even if they seem healthy.

On a practical note, dogs can also shed hair and dander, which can create a mess and make swimming less leisurely for yourself and others.

If you’ve already had dogs swimming in your pool and you’re concerned about the effect that it could have had on your water, consider contacting a San Diego pool service for additional assistance today. A trained and knowledgeable professional can offer helpful maintenance tips and ensure that your water is better maintained over time.