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Is chemical balance in the winter as important as it is in the summer in Phoenix?

Your pool water chemistry is important throughout the year, especially in the Phoenix area where temperatures range substantially from season to season. For example, the record high temperature for Phoenix is 122 degrees Fahrenheit, while the record low is 16 degrees Fahrenheit. While you might not need to worry about these extremes, changes in the season can and will affect your pool’s chemical balance.

To ensure that the pool is ready for you to take a dip at any time, you should always keep up with your regularly scheduled Phoenix pool service from Poolman. Maintaining the chemical balance in the winter, even when you’re not necessarily swimming in the water, will improve the overall health of the structure and decrease the chances of significant maintenance needs in the summer.

Chemical balance in the winter
Some of the general maintenance requirements of a Phoenix area pool shift slightly from summer to winter, with the latter demanding relatively fewer checkups and chemical implementations. However, the trick is to always stay on top of the water’s chemical levels, as irregular or erratic shifts caused by negligence or extreme temperature changes can lead to several issues.

The alkalinity, calcium hardness and pH balances are likely the most important to watch in the winter, as scale buildup and corrosion are always a risk.

Algae blooms that are present before you shut the pool down for winter might lead to bad smells or other problems when trying to open the pool back up. For this reason, it’s recommended that pool owners always get rid of any algae before closing the water for the winter, and potentially use winterizing algaecide to deter blooms in the colder months.

Finally, the most sound checkup schedule for your pool’s chemistry in winter is once every other week. If a problem begins and you don’t identify it until a few weeks have passed, it could lead to higher repair and maintenance costs.

Don’t hibernate on pool health!
The most important thing to remember when it comes to managing your pool water in the winter is that it’s just as important as in the summer. Though you might not be going for a dip when the temperatures drop below freezing, your pool still needs to be cared for throughout the year.

Don’t ever cancel your Poolman servicing schedule in the winter, as keeping with it will lead to a much more enjoyable swimming environment in the summer.