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Improve filtration in your Peoria pool with a sand change

Being a pool owner brings many joys, such as the refreshing feeling of taking a dip on a 95-degree Peoria day. But it also brings important responsibilities – namely, providing for the safety of your family and your pool guests. Taking proper care of your pool requires a significant amount of time and maintenance. You may not have time to take care of every pool maintenance duty yourself. That’s where Poolman comes in. Our Peoria pool services provide a comprehensive solution to all of your pool safety needs. We help to keep you a responsible pool owner.

Your pool filter plays an essential part in keeping your pool water safe and clean. It serves to rid your pool of the substances that attract harmful bacteria and algae. In order for your filter to work as efficiently as possible, it needs to have a sand change every three to five years. A sand change is a very affordable repair service that will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. Failing to have a sand change performed from time to time could result in major pool issues that will require a much more costly repair procedure.

You might be wondering why sand changes are so important. Over time, the sand in a pool filter becomes less rough, resulting in a less effective filtration system. Smoother sand may lead to cloudy, algae-filled pools. And the last thing any pool owner wants is to have somebody in their pool become sick due to unsanitary swimming water.

Fortunately, with proper pool maintenance, this doesn’t have to be a possibility. If it’s been several years since your last sand change, call Poolman today. We’ll keep your filtration system running smoothly, leaving your pool water safe and beautifully clear.