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The impact of DIY on a pool equipment warranty

Do-it-yourself pool owners now have another factor to consider when it comes to replacing pool equipment: How much does the savings of doing the work themselves compare to the length of the pool equipment warranty?

The three major manufacturers have all recently changed their pool equipment warranty policies to reflect the growing desire to have certified dealers install products and equipment instead of do-it-yourself homeowners.

Being a swimming pool owner comes with decisions, such as when to replace equipment or products, what brand or model to choose from, and now whether or not to take advantage of a longer manufacturer’s pool equipment warranty.

Hayward, Pentair and Zodiac have all recently announced that there will be significant separation between a product’s warranty if it was installed by a certified dealer, or a homeowner. Hayward offered an extended period on certain products if installed by certified professionals, from the standard one-year to two- or three-years warranties. Pentair adjusted their requirements, limiting the warranty to 60 days unless the devices are installed by professional services. Zodiac manuals state that their equipment should be installed by a professional, which is now included in their warranty brochures.

The requirements to qualify for the longer pool equipment warranty are fairly simplistic. Usually only a sales receipt and an invoice from a certified dealer is all that is needed.
This change in policy throughout the industry is seen as a necessary step to assure that products and equipment are being installed correctly, therefore giving homeowners comfort and assurance that they have taken the necessary steps to protect their investments. While not everyone will take advantage of the benefits in having a longer warranty on expensive pool equipment and products, many will see the security in that extended coverage, which is a must when it comes to your home pool.

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