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How to transform a pool from a backyard fixture to paradise

People can experience the rush of swimming off a building at the Joule hotel in Dallas. The glass-front pool reaches out eight feet further than the hotel, according to the company. A plexiglass window provides guests with a city-side view from the pool. In addition to the incredible scenery, the pool is heated. Whether you've recently checked out of the hotel and are yearning for more vacation time or you'd like to upgrade a pool to provoke similar feelings of excitement and relaxation, Fort Worth pool service professionals have the features that are trending.

Never leave paradise
For starters, people are increasingly bringing the experience of the beach to their homes with a salt system. It has landed a spot among the top 10 pool features, according to a survey conducted by The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. An array of benefits have been associated with households that have switched from traditional chlorine generators to the salt system. Discolored hair or itchy eyes are minimized because the structure comparatively produces less chlorine.

These systems don't just reduce irritations, they can increase comfort. Salt has been known to be beneficial for the skin in that it can make it feel softer and appear brighter. While changing a pool system may seem pricey, Forth Worth pool service professionals will install it for existing clients for free. That means consumers can put the money towards other products that can lead to the ultimate goal of pure poolside bliss.

At the push of a button
An automation system can facilitate the relaxation because it gives swimmers access to controls without having to leave the pool. Phone apps have been created to take automation to the next level. Pool owners can turn on the lights, waterfall and other objects at the swipe of a finger. If the water starts to get chilly, someone doesn't have to fiddle around with the settings box located on the other side of the house. Heat can be turned on without leaving the pool area, which may be one of the reasons automation and heaters made their way onto the list of top commodities, according to the source.

Warm it up
Heated water feels good on tense muscles and is also linked to health benefits. Hot water allows the pores to open up, which can allow sweat to escape. This can get rid of blackheads and loosen up any dirt that may have intruded on the face. According to wellness blog Health Dailys, blood circulation can be increased if a body is submerged in warm water. These physical perks can lend to relaxation of the mind, reaching further toward a vacation-like transcendence. 

Forth Worth pool service professionals offer a free quote on water heaters. The provider can bring paradise to your own backyard while saving you money so you can someday have the chance to visit places like the Joule.