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How to throw an adult pool party

Usually, when people throw pool parties, the guest list is full of children who are eager to jump right in and spend an afternoon swimming. But once you've set up your Phoenix pool maintenance, chances are you can't wait to share your backyard pool with your adult friends. While they're not as common, adult pool parties are still a fun way to celebrate, whether it's a birthday, a summer holiday or just to kick off your new salt system. But throwing an adult party is a lot different than hosting a kid's pool party. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you embark on the planning process.

Skip the formal invites
For a fun adult gathering by the pool, there's no need to get the word out about your party with mailed invitations, which might feel a bit childlike. Instead, Allure magazine recommends sending an email to your friends that specifies the tone of the party, whether it's casual, themed or dressy. Even a group text message can get the word out. Just be sure to remind guests to bring their swimsuits, which stresses the fact that it's a pool party.

Go easy on the decorations
Unless you're throwing a themed party, like a luau, you don't need to go all-out with your decorations. Instead of decking out everything with streamers and balloons, just make sure that your pool area is clean, neat and set up in a way that caters to the needs of your guests. For example, Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine suggests forgoing the buffet table in favor of several food stations, which will ensure that your guests aren't milling around in the same place, which makes the area difficult to navigate. Soft lighting from candles or outdoor lamps will also cast a flattering glow on your guests. A couple of portable fire pits placed throughout the yard might also be a fun touch.

Provide the essentials
While guests will be responsible for bringing their own pool supplies, it never hurts to have some spare items on hand for those who forget. A basket of extra towels, a few bottles of sunscreen, some popular magazines and maybe swim essentials like goggles or swim caps would be helpful, notes the Tango Diva Travel Blog. It might also be helpful to set up a changing tent or an outdoor shower for your guests to use. Every Day suggests stocking your bathroom with lotions, soaps and other toiletries so your friends can freshen up after swimming.

Mix up some great cocktails
You don't need to have a fully stocked bar to provide your partygoers with cool drinks. Just pick a few select cocktails to feature, like margaritas or sangria, and get enough of the necessary ingredients for everyone to have at least two or three drinks each. For those who aren't liquor lovers, you might want to set out a cooler full of a few types of popular beer or wine. If you're not sure what everyone likes, you could always tell guests to bring their own!

Keep the food light
You don't need to rely on the kid party staples of hamburgers and hotdogs when you're throwing an adult-only bash – grownups aren't as picky as kids when it comes to food! Girlishh recommends keeping the food light and healthy so your guests don't feel weighed down while they're swimming in your new salt system. Salads, vegetable plates and plenty of fruit should be available, along with lighter proteins like chicken or fish.

Add music
A little music playing in the background will give your party a fun, relaxing ambiance – just make sure it's not so loud that your guests have trouble hearing each other. Come up with a fun summer playlist before the party, put on a popular radio station or use the Internet to find songs that will appeal to a variety of people.