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How to throw a Halloween pool party

If you're thinking about hosting a Halloween swimming bash then you've got some work to do! Provide your guests with scary treats and fun tricks to make the evening a memorable one. You also don't want your pool's appearance to be the scariest part of the costume party. Here are some tips to prep yourself for a frightening yet spooktacular All Hallows' Eve. 

Tricks and treats
What's a trick-or-treat party without a little bit of both? All you really need is a spark of creativity and some of your favorite recipes to make desserts have a gory theme. Add some pretzel sticks to your cookies and brownies to turn them into little spiders. Incorporate red food coloring to make any of your dishes look straight out of a horror movie. HGTV suggested a Halloween candy bar. Set one up poolside and let your guests dive into the sweets.

Candy corn push pops
Try out this easy-to-make recipe that's a nice poolside snack for kids and adults. Be sure to buy enough supplies for all of your party guests. Courtesy of Crafts Unleashed, here's how you can make your very own Candy Corn Push Pops

Ingredients/ Supplies

  • push pop containers
  • ribbons
  • floral foam
  • hot glue
  • cake batter (it can be instant, score!)
  • food coloring
  • frosting
  • marabou boa
  • orange and black sprinkles

How to make them
Once you've gathered your materials, it's time to start baking. Split your cake batter into two separate bowls and add yellow dye to one batch and orange to the other. Bake them as though you're baking two cakes. Follow instructions on the cake mix box. Keep in mind that a longer pan will give you thinner cakes. Set a timer for yourself and get to crafting!

Cut a piece of marabou boa and ribbon for each of your push pop containers. Hot glue the ribbons and boas to the handle of the push pop containers and allow them to dry for a few minutes. Next, add in the cake – just make sure it's cooled down before you dig in. 

Use the push pop container to cut into the cake and then pull the handle so that the cake suctions into the container – start with the orange cake then add a layer of frosting then move over and do the same for the yellow cake. Voila! Your pops are almost ready. Finish each of them by adding a dab of frosting and sprinkles to the top. 

Make your pool feel haunted
Now that you've got some ideas for snacks, start thinking about how to transform your backyard into a spooky graveyard. Here are some suggestions:

  • Put a bunch of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes into your pool before the guests arrive. You can let them pick out which one they'd like to carve.
  • If your party takes place in the evening, use candles and jack-o-lanterns to set the mood. Be sure to put them in places where people won't trip on them. 
  • Toss glow sticks into balloons, blow them up and put them on top of the water. You can toss some eyeball bouncy balls into the pool too.
  • Buy some cobwebs, fake tombstones, witches hats, a cauldron and other Halloween items for around the pool. Refrain from dumping these items and fake blood of any kind into the water because they might damage the pool or be difficult to clean.

One last thing before Halloween
Now you've got snacks and decorations, you're as ready as ever to throw you Halloween extravaganza, right? Well, almost. Before the party, call your Fort Worth, Phoenix or San Diego pool service professionals for the most important parts. Schedule a routine maintenance visit to make sure the chemicals are balanced and everything functions accordingly. Don't let your pool's appearance frighten the guests – leave that to your party!