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How to plan the best Phoenix pool birthday party

In a time when birthday parties are becoming more lavish, your pool can provide the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled, energetic celebration. Rather than spend unnecessary dollars on a separate venue and expensive services, you can host the occasion in your own backyard.

If you're feeling lost as to where to begin, here are some easy strategies to follow when planning the best pool birthday party.

Pool prep
Before you can begin to set up the aesthetics for the party, you need to make sure your pool is performing optimally. Check the water levels and heater for any signs of needed maintenance. If so, you should place a call to your Phoenix pool service company to stop by and remedy any issues with your swimming area. They can also perform a quick cleaning of debris and flush out your filters.

The entire success of the party can rely on the quality of your decor. You'll need to plan accordingly depending on the age of your guests. According to She Knows magazine, if you're hosting adults or teenagers, you should choose items that are simply and low-key. You can string lights along the fence or barrier of your pool, illuminating the swimming area. You could also place Tiki torches around the perimeter, letting them burn throughout the night.

For children, you should go with lighter and more playful decorations. Your local party supplies store might have fun aquatic displays to choose from that include fish, scuba divers or pirates. Be careful that you don't pick anything that could damage your pool or its various components, such as water filters.

Food and drinks
Yahoo! suggested that you can either cook food on your own or order a catering service to deliver prepared food to your residence. Then, you can simply heat it up and place it on serving tables for guests to enjoy buffet style. You should have coolers set up with cold drinks to keep guests hydrated – opt for water or Gatorade over sugary sodas.

Make sure you have plenty of trash cans around and tell guests that food isn't allowed in the pool area. You want to minimize clean up and avoid any potential damages to your pool.

Above all else, safety is the most important aspect of hosting a pool party. The Chronicle Journal explained that you should have someone chaperoning the swimming area at all times and ensure that your fence or barrier is functioning properly. Also, no one should be allowed to eat or drink in the pool, as it can lead to choking.

If you want, you can set up a small sign of pool rules that guests must adhere to. If not, they should be barred from swimming. It's your home and your pool, meaning guests should be more than willing to follow your directions. You can include rules such as no running or diving into the pool, limits on the number of toys allowed in the pool, and no pushing others into the water.

Similar to cleaning your pool before the party, you should also contact your local Phoenix pool maintenance company to make any necessary repairs that could affect your guests. Cracks in the bottom of the pool can be easily repaired by these professionals who would be happy to fix any physical problems with the pool.

Once you've got your pool prepped and your food and decorations lined up, mail out your invitations and get ready. While it can feel like a significant undertaking, you should remember to have fun – it's your party too!