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How to manage fecal matter in your pool

Though not among the best topics to discuss with friends, fecal matter in pools is relatively common, and represents a major health risk for homeowners and public pool goers alike. Several studies conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that the majority of public pools have at least some fecal matter.

However, this cannot happen in your San Diego pool, as you’ll be putting your kids and guests, as well as yourself, at risk of several unsavory issues. For this reason and more, you should always have a pool service schedule set up, such as one with Poolman, to prevent your pool from going off the deep end when it comes to harmful bacteria presence.

Fecal matter can be found in a variety of areas of the pool, though most homeowners will realize they have the problem when they see it in the filters. Keeping filters cleaned and checked is crucial to ensuring that no harmful items are circulating through your swimming environment, while the next step of defense is maintaining proper chlorine and other chemical cleaner levels.

Though average pool cleaners won’t necessarily completely eradicate the fecal matter from the pool, they will help to kill most of the harmful bacteria that are apparent in these unwanted items. Many of the most common bacteria and pathogens that come along with fecal matter will cause skin rashes, ear infections and even chronic infections in other areas of the body.

In short, you should do everything you can to avoid this problem, such as instructing your kids and guests to get clean before hopping in the pool. To ensure that you don’t end up having a bigger issue with harmful pathogens in your pool, keep your regular schedule with your San Diego pool service, Poolman, throughout the year.