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How to maintain your pool in the fall

During the summer months, the only thing that’s probably on your mind is how you can get as much good fun in around your inground pool as possible before the kids go back to school and your workload increases as people return from their vacations.

While this can make the sunniest days of the year especially bright for you and your family, it’s equally essential that you consider how you’re going to maintain your pool during the fall months.

Even in warm parts of the country, the temperature can fluctuate and the landscape can transform, which in turn can affect how happy you are with your pool. Consider these helpful tips to learn more about fall maintenance today.

Removing leaves and debris
While you may live in an area like Phoenix or Dallas/Fort Worth where the risk of your pool being impacted by leaves may be less common, it can still happen in many places. In addition, as the weather starts to cool down, it may be more likely for you to notice other dirt and debris in your pool water over time.

As a result, you may need to devote more time to picking up these items than you did during the summer season. While it’s always a great idea to reach out to a professional who can help you with Fort Worth or Phoenix pool maintenance, simple things like scooping up particles or leaves in the water may be easy for you to do on your own.

To get the job done at a faster rate, consider investing in leaf traps or rakes.

Heating your pool
Residing in a part of the country that is relatively warm means that you may not have to worry about it getting too cold to use your pool during the fall days. However, at night, temperatures can drop and make going for a dip in your pool less attractive than it might be otherwise, unless you opt to invest in a pool heating system.

From heat pumps to gas pool heaters, there a variety of ways in which you can systematically warm up your pool water and prolong your level of enjoyment throughout the season.

To learn more about how pool heaters can work for you, speak with your pool maintenance professional today, as he or she can offer you helpful tips on how to get started with this and other pool upgrades.