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How to keep your pool area organized

The pool is the coolest and most fun place to be in the summer, so it's no surprise that it draws a crowd every year. Of course, with a crowd comes a mess, and pools are no exception to this rule. Toys, flotation devices and sporting equipment can quickly become unintentional lawn or deck ornaments if you don't have a system in place to keep you and your family's pool accessories under control. Whether you're in Dallas, San Diego or Phoenix you'll want to keep your things clean and safe from the elements outside.

Storage nearby
Unless you feel like purchasing new furniture, cushions and clothes for every pool season, it's important to find a place nearby where you can store all of the things you need for the pool when nobody is using it. Arizona Family  noted that a good-sized container on your deck will do the trick when it comes to storing smaller things like toys as well as tools like the pool net and brush. Another way to help you keep your things together is to hang a wall hook organizer on the wall of the house over the pool deck. It doesn't require any installation, and you can hang towels, wraps, clothing and cleaning equipment from it to dry. 

If you really feel like getting crafty, make a free-standing towel rack out of PVC piping. Hook the pipes together with PVC elbows, dig a couples holes in the ground and fill them in to secure the apparatus. Make it a project for the kids by giving them some spray paint and letting them turn the towel rack into a colorful decoration. Give the little ones some stencils in the shapes of dinosaurs, sport team logos or whatever else they like to make the art project even more fun for them. 

Other means of storage
Organizing Made Fun suggested repurposing old tools and furniture for the sake of storage. An old ladder can be used as it is or painted and used as shelving to store your pool supplies. Left plain, it will lend the pool area a rustic look, and painted, it can make for a fun and funky addition to your pool deck. 

In preparation for those super hot summer days, it's worth thinking about getting a mini-fridge that's available to people outside, or immediately inside. If that's a bit much, a cooler will suffice. Finding storage for drinks is vital to keeping your kids and guests hydrated in the summer heat!