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How to keep wasps and bees away from your pool

Though crucial components of the overall ecosystem, there are few visitors that would be more unwanted by Fort Worth pool owners than wasps and bees. It often seems as though these flying creatures prefer to hang out by the pool area with the family, though little children and most adults would be hard-pressed to feel comfortable taking a dip when wasps are around.

To keep these critters away, you might want to hire a professional pool service like Poolman to implement effective controls against the stinging foes. In the meantime, there are several tricks you can consider to keep the bees and wasps away from your pool area:

  • Nest removal: This should never be done by someone who has not been trained or is lacking the proper equipment, as wasp stings can be extremely dangerous. Especially if you or one of your loved ones has an allergy, do not attempt. The wasps nest is not always easy to find, but can be removed safely by certified professionals.
  • Diesel fuel: If you need a quick fix for a fairly minor bee or wasp problem, put diesel fuel into an open cup somewhere near the pool. Make sure the cup is on a sturdy foundation and out of the reaches of children. This type of fuel attracts wasps, and will often cause them to drown when poured into a large open cannister.
  • Meat and other food: You can set up a similar trap with raw meat that is placed above a tub of water that has detergent in it. The wasps will get trapped in the water.

Most of these and other remedies are not for the average homeowner. Always consider using a Fort Worth pool service such as Poolman to handle your maintenance needs.