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How to get your pool ready for water yoga

These days, you don’t need to travel to India to practice yoga. Between the countless yoga studios that have opened up across the U.S. to budding mobile app options like Pocket Yoga, which enables users to get their shavassana on from remote places, you can practice the poses just about anywhere – even at your house.

With spring just around the corner, you might be wondering, “Can I practice yoga in my pool?” And the answer is yes! Here’s what you need to know.

First things first- you’ll need to prepare yourself and your pool for the practice. You wouldn’t go for a run on a dangerous path, would you? It’s the same concept here. Get your swimming pool ready so you can have a more peaceful, safe practice.

What does your pool require?
If you don’t have a heated pool already, consider upgrading your pool for a better practice. As explained by Women’s Health magazine, water that’s between 83 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal because the warm temperature will relax your muscles, while the pool supports your weight.

Are you a fan of yoga classes that take place in the dark? Well, you can hold those at your house with the right equipment. Install LED lights so you can practice cobra and other poses under the stars.

While you’re relaxing your mind and challenging your body, you can also be good to your skin with a salt system. It’s a generator that pumps out less chlorine than a chlorine system, which prevents your skin from getting itchy and red following a swim. The salt system is particularly useful if you plan to practice water yoga on a regular basis. Submerging yourself in a saltwater pool can leave your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant after you get out. It takes rejuvenation to the next level.

What do you wear to water yoga?
In addition to getting the pool ready, you’ll need to find the proper attire for water yoga. Not dressing properly for your water yoga would be like going for a run without sneakers. Skip the yoga pants and tank tops and slip into your favorite swimsuit. You may want to reserve your delicate swim pieces for leisurely pool time, and not athletic activities, as the fabric might snag on the pool while you’re practicing an inversion.

The Love Life Surf blog offered up suggestions on dressing your best for water workouts. Here are the takeaways:

  • Buy swimwear that has adjustable tops and bottoms.
  • Opt for a piece that’s tighter, even if you usually prefer a loose fit.
  • Avoid material that stretches and sags in the water.
  • Be cognizant of excessive padding in bathing suits, as it may be awkward for exercise.

How can you practice from the pool?
Once your pool and wardrobe is taken care of, you just have to make sure you’re ready for your practice. There are several ways to complete a yoga workout in your pool, but they require a little extra effort than if you were posing on dry land.

If you have an iPod or music system that you can hook your mobile device up to, then getting ready is easy. Simply download a yoga app on your phone, plug it into the speakers and listen for instructions.

Don’t fret if you don’t have the required equipment. You can still practice yoga in the pool. Just go online and search for water yoga exercises, print out your options and go at your own pace. Use a waterproof watch so you get the timing of each pose right.

Call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals if you’d like to get your swimming pool yoga ready. Then, immerse your body in the water and free your mind. Namaste.