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How to get the pool ready for Labor Day

After the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory burned down over a century ago, many Americans became fed up with the harsh conditions for workers at factories and warehouses, according to Time Magazine. This incident sparked protests and legislation that eventually led to the creation of Labor Day.

The first-ever celebration took place in New York City. People gathered in lower Manhattan, where parades and speeches commemorated the day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the country, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

With such a deep-rooted history, the tradition continues in modern times. As the weeks march on, the last long weekend of summer is fast approaching. Fort Worth pool service includes an array of ways to get the house ready for the celebration so it truly remains a day without work.

A polished look
The service provider can fix even the slightest imperfection to make a pool go from average looking to brand new. Decks, lights and tiles might not get as much attention as the chemical levels in the pool, but they still require maintenance from time-to-time. Having minor chips and scratches repaired early on prevents long-term damage. Even if the pool is used infrequently and only for major events like holidays, nature can cause wear-and-tear on the materials.

White deposit that may appear on the tiles is caused from calcium, which exists naturally in water. There's no affective prevention method for this occurrence because it happens on its own, however,  Fort Worth pool service includes cleaning services like scrubbing tiles clean in just a short period of time. The more frequent the visits, the less of a chance there is for a large build up, which can be visible even during a night swim if it's large enough.

To keep the pool open throughout the evening, lights can be replaced or installed. LED lights illuminate the water to allow for a safe view of the swimming area. Hosts can also promote pool safety by making sure the water is party ready.

What's in the water
With the amount of people and products that enter the pool – hair spray, sunscreen, bug spray – it occasionally needs to be drained completely and refilled. Changing the water can prevent waterborne illnesses that are transmitted in the pool. It also stops the water levels from getting too low because evaporation causes it to decrease over time.

While replacing the water, Fort Worth pool service can also balance the chemicals. The amount of chlorine and the pH level of a pool change over time. Too little can provide breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, and can make swimmers become ill. Too much can cause skin irritations and rashes but more so they can become dangerous for human contact. Lately, pool enthusiasts have been upgrading from traditional chlorine pools to salt systems.

These newer systems have gained popularity because they use significantly less amounts of chlorine and have been known to have other benefits. Applying salt to the skin can make it feel softer and also look healthier. Although they offer a similar swimming experience as a day at the beach, the systems actually have less salt than the ocean, so swimmers eyes won't hurt if they open them underwater. Fort Worth pool service can provide installation or maintenance for them. Existing customers in good standing are eligible for a free salt system.

Whether it's the littlest detail or an entirely new system that's desired to get the swimming area ready for the last long weekend of the summer, a Fort Worth pool service professional can offer customized solutions. Patrons can look forward to the day of tribute to workers without concerns over preparation.