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How to backwash a pool effectively this summer

The warm San Diego summer brings the perfect opportunity to get in some quality pool maintenance. By backwashing your pool in an efficient and cost-effective manner you can also keep your pool clean for parties with family and friends. Here are some tips on how to backwash in an optimal fashion. 

Simple steps to thoroughly backwash a pool
According to Do it Yourself Home Improvement Information, backwashing a pool should be done every three to four weeks. However, if you lose track of time due to a busy summer schedule, an easy way to find out if it's time to backwash the pool is to look at the pump gauge. If the gauge displays a reading of 8 to 10 PPI, it's time to backwash. 

The source noted that an excellent way to prepare to backwash the pool is by cleaning the basket on your pool filter. If you've been having trouble finding a quality filter you should visit your local San Diego pool service to see if they can help. Poolman also sells a variety of filters for outdoor pools.

Watch filter to determine when backwash ends
​Backwashing only takes a few minutes, and it's easy to tell when the process is finished. The source noted that observing your pool filter will alert you to the end of the backwash. When the backwash is still proceeding, the filter will display particles swirling around.

You'll know the backwash has ended when the particles cease flowing around, and you're left with a clear filter. Afterward, turn the pump off to ensure that the filter doesn't have to do any unnecessary work, which may lead to damage. 

According to Yahoo News, there are some basic types of filters to help clean water in the pool. One of these is called a diatomaceous earth filter, which requires you to add the earth to the pool filtration system to ensure that the pool attains equilibrium. This information should be derived from the specific capabilities of your pool. These capabilities determine how much D.E. is necessary for your pool, preparing your pool system for the next time a backwash is needed. The amount of D.E. that you need to put in your pool also depends on the type of pump and filter you have. Therefore, asking the local San Diego pool service store about this can be an excellent way to learn what's the correct amount of D.E. for your pool.