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How to avoid chemical issues in pools

Pool maintenance is an essential activity to get ready for fun pool parties and other events. Cool water presents a nice way to have shelter from the hot Phoenix summer, but regular upkeep is required to ensure that this recreation continues. A fundamental aspect of pool maintenance is keeping the appropriate levels of chlorine and other chemicals in the pool. We hope to provide some tips on avoiding over filling your pool with chlorine and ways to remodel your pool to accommodate chlorinated water.

Chlorine vital part of safe and clean pools
According to The, chlorine is used in pools for many important reasons. The chemical is able to neutralize germs and bacteria in the water, making it safe for swimming. Chlorine also reduces algae in the pool, promoting a visually appealing pool as well as a healthy one. According to Yahoo, running chlorine shock treatment in the pool effectively gets rid of algae. The shock treatment heightens the pool's chlorine level, eliminating bacteria as well. 

However, the source noted that chlorine does pose risks to swimmers. The chemical can cause allergic reactions among some, such as irritating eyes or causing wrinkles over time. Luckily, having an outdoor pool in Phoenix solves some of these problems, as many of the unsavory elements of the chemical are dispelled when they come in contact with the air.

Ways to avoid negative aspects of chlorine
Another key thing to remember when undertaking remodeling and pool maintenance is to place a shower in your pool area. This will allow you to wash off any chemicals after you swim. A shower will also give you extra time for other activities.The source noted that being hydrated is essential prior to swimming. Therefore, consider placing a water fountain in the area around the pool. It also pays to wear goggles while swimming – these will help avoid bloodshot eyes. reported that a healthy balance of chlorine in the water should fall between one to three parts per million. The source noted that this will promote safe swimming. Equipment, such as filters, can experience mechanical failure, lending credence to the need for regular maintenance. However, making sure that you're taking samples to your local Phoenix pool service will ensure that you get feedback on your pool's chemical balance, allowing you to make changes accordingly.