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How to avoid algae blooms in your San Diego pool

While a little bit of nature is sometimes welcome around your San Diego area pool, algae blooms can be a major issue, especially when they spread without any inhibition. Algae only require water and food to bloom, while a wide variety of items can be used by the bacteria to blossom and compromise the integrity of your otherwise beautiful swimming environment.

The most important weapon in the fight against algae blooms is consistent attention to the chemical composition of your pool, no matter what time of year it may be or how much the water is being used. For this reason, you should always maintain your regularly scheduled servicing visits with Poolman to nip algae blooms in the bud and ensure that you can hop into the water whenever you’d like without this unwelcome pest.

Proactive management best practices
Different types of algae blooms come with unique threats, with some posing substantial health risks should your skin touch water that has been exposed to the spores or even inhale the gases emitted. Here are some of the steps you should take to manage algae in your pool:

  • Brushing and scraping: Any areas that currently have algae blooms should be brushed immediately using a scrubber that’s safe for the materials used in your pool’s lining. All of the walls should be regularly brushed and cleaned to avoid the beginning of an algae issue, as these areas are most often associated with blooms.
  • Keep skimmers functioning: Algae blooms can also be free-floating in pools, and can virtually arise anywhere, especially when conditions are amicable to growth. Properly functioning skimmers can reduce the amount of food algae has access to and minimize the risk of blooms.
  • Maintain proper chemistry: Chlorine and other cleansing chemicals can also help in the fight against algae, but must be kept at optimal levels to ensure that the water is also safe for swimming. Salt systems are often the best options, as they’ll automatically keep the water chlorinated and salted, creating adverse conditions for algae and beneficial ones for swimmers. Call Poolman today to get a free quote on a new salt system.
  • Filters and pumps: Algae, as well as other issues, can occur as the result of malfunctioning or worn filters and pumps. Always keep up with maintenance schedules to ensure that the filters are keeping the water clean.

Always consider using Poolman for your San Diego area pool service needs.