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How maintenance of your Phoenix pool could enhance your quality of life

As Phoenix pool owners know best, life is better with a backyard pool. It makes blazing summer days much more fun and relaxing for you, your family and friends. But in order for your pool to remain comfortable and safe, it requires routine upkeep throughout the year. For many Phoenix residents, the reality is that they have neither the time nor the energy to provide their pools with comprehensive maintenance. Fortunately, Phoenix is home to Poolman, the industry leader in pool maintenance. Poolman has been committed to providing high-quality Phoenix pool service for over forty years.

Here are just a few of the ways in which regular pool maintenance could improve your overall quality of life:

Better exercise
Swimming is a unique workout that has a number of advantages over other types of exercise. As Discovery Health points out, swimming does not cause stress to your skeletal system, as other forms of aerobic exercise do. The buoyancy of water allows your body to bear less of its weight, so swimming is not as harsh on your body as other workouts. Swimming is highly effective in relieving soreness in the muscles and joints, making it an ideal activity for those who suffer from arthritis. A heated pool can have added benefits, as warmer water helps to loosen stiff joints. If your pool needs a heater repair, or you would like to have one installed, Poolman’s Phoenix pool maintenance team has you covered.

Health benefits
Swimming can improve your overall health in myriad ways. For one, it can tremendously benefit your cardiovascular health. The aerobic workout of swimming can lead to a larger heart as well as more efficient blood circulation, as noted by Discovery Health. And according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming improves the health of people with heart disease and diabetes.

To reap the full health benefits of your Phoenix pool, however, you will want to keep it properly maintained so that you can prevent recreational water illnesses. Without regular chemical treatment, your pool may become filled with germs that can cause swimmers to become sick. The ingestion of even just a small amount of water containing these germs can lead to sickness, so be sure to have your pool chemicals regularly balanced by a professional who knows how to keep pools germ- and algae-free.

For the most healthy swimming experience possible, consider a salt system installation. Salt water pools are healthier than chlorinated pools for a number of reasons. The softness of salt water has a soothing effect on swimmers. Salt water can help to moisturize dry skin, and unlike some chlorinated pools, it will not cause skin irritation. Algae blooms are reduced and the on-demand chlorination property of salt water leads to improved water quality. Phoenix residents will be happy to know that Poolman provides a free salt system installation to customers in good standing.

More fun
With a safe, beautiful pool in your backyard, the possibilities for fun are endless. Feature one of summer’s highlights by hosting a pool party for your friends and family. Swimming at night can be especially exciting, so invite your family to take an evening swim with you – but make sure you have a working lighting system installed!

Additionally, your pool experience could be made more fun by having a Phoenix pool remodeling project done. Poolman provides a number of beautiful remodeling projects, such as wok pots, sheer descents, gushers and waterfalls. The installation of one of these features could help you make your pool stand out from those on the rest of block.