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How Fort Worth pool service professionals can turn a pool into a beach front property

A pool is simply a body of water until it's customized. With a sea of options, pool owners are increasingly upgrading their swimming area to be backyard replicas of the beach. Recruiting reputable help is the first step to obtaining a dream pool. Here are some ways Fort Worth pool service professionals can remodel a swimming area to incorporate the natural wonders of the ocean.

Bring the ocean to the backyard
To make a pool seemingly similar to a day at the beach, homeowners should look to the elements of the sea for inspiration. A salt system can make the water instantly resemble plunging into the ocean – sans jellyfish and other pinching critters. Fort Worth pool service specialists offer a free salt system to existing clients. Pool owners who have upgraded from the old chlorine systems have touted the benefits of salt water on the skin. Instead of itchy eyes and irritated skin inflicted by chlorine, salt water pools are easy on the epidermis but also can leave it feeling refreshed after a swim. For those who are new to the systems, experts from Fort Worth pool services can handle installation and also maintenance of the luxurious feature.

The professionals can also lend their expertise to shrubbery and trees that are commonly planted along the poolside to create a tropical ambiance. If the sun becomes too strong during a trip to the beach, people typically look to trees for shade. Many are applying this simple logic to their own backyards by surrounding the swimming area with palm trees and plants. The decor also adds a layer of privacy to a home, explained Finally, trees enhances the beach vibe of an otherwise standard swimming area, yet some experts suggest homeowners conduct a little research before heading to the nursery.

What's a beach without palm trees?
Prior to planting, pool owners should chose trees that are harmless to the pool and its inhabitants. Although some plants are pretty, they can be messy, cautioned Random Harvest Nursery. For flowers, styles that are smaller in size and thinner in texture can make for a better choice, suggested the source. Certain flora bloom during a specific season of the year and because they're so beautiful and the mess only lasts for a brief period of time, these can also make for a good option. Trees and shrubs that naturally droop or shed a lot of leaves should be avoided because they can require a lot of clean up.

When a homeowner finds the right greenery to introduce to the area, they should plant them at least 2 meters away from the perimeter of the pool to minimize the risk of damage, suggested the source. If keeping plants away from the water can't be avoided, it's better to seek out options that have softer roots. Tough ones can crack tiles and decks, and also infiltrate pool structures and interrupt functions. The deck is an area that can give the backyard a beach-like vibe. Pool professionals from Fort Worth have deck options that can support creative backyard additions like palm trees and shrubbery. Enlisting the help of experts can save homeowners money in the long run because installing the proper product from the start can decrease reoccurring maintenance and repairs. 

Whether it's the deck, salt system or other remodeling projects, Fort Worth pool service experts can turn a swimming hole into an oasis. They'll even supply the salt water, free of charge.