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How filter maintenance could enhance your Phoenix pool

Phoenix pool owners use a variety of filter types. Unfortunately, none of them are immune to the occasional need for maintenance. Regardless of whether your filter uses diatomaceous earth filters, cartridges or sand to clean your pool, be sure to have it maintained from time to time to keep your pool running smoothly. Poolman's Phoenix pool service experts have the knowledge needed to ensure that your filter is working to its full potential.

Cartridge cleaning
According to, cartridge filters are capable of trapping particles as small as 25 microns in size. But to allow these filters to work as efficiently as possible, their cartridges will need to cleaned on occasion. Count on Poolman's Phoenix pool maintenance team to bring your cartridge filter back to its prime. Our employees will rinse debris from the filter and remove dirt from its fabric.

Sand changes
Over time, the sand in pool filters will naturally deteriorate, and when sand grains become more circular, they cannot trap dirt as effectively. When this occurs, a sand change should be performed. A sand change every three to five years can help to optimize your pool's filtration system.

D.E. teardowns claims that D.E. filters are the most efficient ones available, and the fact that they can filter out particles 3 microns in size seems to substantiate that claim. However, D.E. filters must be torn down at least once a year to run effectively. A teardown involves the disassembly of the filter and the cleaning of each grid.

The cleanliness of your pool is important to its appearance as well as the health of your pool guests. So if you notice that your pool water has become green or cloudy, it may be a sign that your filter is due for maintenance. These procedures can be time-consuming and may require specific knowledge, so it helps to have them done by professionals. Poolman has offered reliable pool maintenance to the Phoenix area for over 40 years, and our employees will be happy to fix your filter in a timely manner.