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How do suction-side pool cleaners work?

Any Phoenix pool service professional will tell you that proper pool maintenance is important to enjoy your facility.

Suction-side pool cleaners, one of the most effective kinds of pool cleaners, have sort of a misleading name. Its title would have you believe that it’s a pool cleaner that sticks to the side of your pool, but instead it’s an add-on to your pump – a series of pipes and tubes that lead to and from a filter. The pressure from your existing pump system powers the cleaner, which is like an underwater vacuum that keeps the bottom of your pool looking sharp.

Step 1
First, your existing pump system draws water from different sections of your pool through a few pipes. The water is directed to these outlets by a pump next to the filter. It’s taken through the pipes and into the filter.

Step 2
Once the water is in place, the filter churns it back out through a different series of pipes, usually concentrated in a separate section of your pool. These two steps in your pump keep your water fresh and clean.

Step 3
Suction-side pool cleaners are able to plug easily into your existing system. Your pump creates suction, which powers the vacuum to move around the pool and clean up the bottom. It is not something that needs to run constantly, but when it does run, it’s very effective.

Advantages of suction-side pool cleaners
Installing a suction-side pool cleaner is one of the cheaper methods of cleaning your facility, and doesn’t require a complex installation. It is best for cleaning smaller-scale debris because it directs water straight to the filter. Certain suction-side pool cleaners can also scrub the walls of the pool while plugged in. This product will help you keep up with regular Phoenix pool maintenance.

The importance of cleaning your pool
Having debris in your pool isn’t just a nuisance – no one wants a face full of wet leaves after coming up from a dive – it can also create algae and bacteria. Having algae and bacteria in your pool will actually offset the chemical balance, and will later require more chemicals. More treatment means a higher cost, so it’s easier to simply take care of your pool in the first place. On top of that, algae and bacteria can lead to a slew of medical problems for your swimmers if gone untreated.