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How do I measure the gallonage of my pool?

You’ll need to know the gallonage of your Phoenix area pool to make a variety of decisions, especially when it comes to regular maintenance. If you aren’t a math whiz and do not understand the necessary ratios of water to chemicals like chlorine, you should always consider hiring Poolman to take good care of your swimming pool throughout the year, no matter what size is might be.

If you’re ready to bust out a tape measure, calculator, pad and pen, you can use several different math equations to decipher the gallonage of your pool, depending upon the shape. Obviously the most simplistic shape will be the above-the-ground cylindrical pool, for which the equation would be π (pi) times the radius squared times the height.

The gallonage of a round pool with the same depth throughout would be the depth times the diameter squared times 5.9. For example, if your pool is five feet deep throughout and has a diameter of 10 feet, you’d want to multiple 5 by 100 and then by 5.9, which would equal 2,950 gallons. Yes, this would be a whole lot of water.

Pools that have varying depths, such as those built-in models that have a shallow and deep end, are a little trickier to calculate for gallonage. First you will need to get the average depth of the pool, which would be the deep end’s depth plus the shallow end’s depth divided by two. For example, a pool with a 5 foot shallow end and a 10 foot deep end would have a 7.5 average depth.

Then, you’d multiple the average depth by the length and width of the pool, times 7.48, which would give you the average gallonage.

If all of this seemed like Greek, don’t hesitate to call Poolman for your Phoenix pool service needs.