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How can you tell if your Fort Worth pool needs to be repaired?

Part of being a responsible Dallas/Fort Worth pool owner is knowing when your pool needs to be repaired. This requires regular checkups on all components of your pool. Some signs of pool damage or inefficiency may not catch your attention immediately, so it helps to know which areas of your pool may need closer inspection. If you find that one of your pool features may not be working to its full potential, reach out to Poolman's Fort Worth pool service team immediately. Remember that pool issues will only worsen over time, so having them taken care of right away can prevent the need for more extensive repairs later on.

Keep these tips in mind next time you inspect your pool.

Caulking is key
It's easy to overlook the condition of the caulking between your pool and deck, as it doesn't exactly stand out to the eye. However, caulking is essential to preventing water from entering the expansion joint, the region between your deck and pool walls. Keeping water and debris out of this area is necessary to ensure that the the walls and deck of your pool do not come in contact with one another, as notes that this could cause pool tiles to crack.

Be sure to check the entire perimeter of caulking around your pool for gaps. If you find any holes, be sure to have your pool re-caulked by a Fort Worth pool maintenance professional.

Don't forget about your filter
Your pool filter plays an important role in keeping your pool water clean by removing particles. Each of the three major filter types requires pool owners to check for signs of inefficiency every so often.

If you have a sand filter, inspect the roughness of the sand. When sand becomes too smooth, it loses some of its filtration power, at which point a sand change is recommended. Owners of cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters may want to pay close attention to the cleanliness of their pool over time. If you notice that your pool is dirtier than usual, it may be a sign that your cartridges require cleaning or your D.E. filter needs to be torn down. These processes can be time-consuming, so it may be in your best interest to let a Fort Worth professional take care of them for you.

Check for pool leaks
Detecting a pool leak is often more difficult than it might seem. Even the smallest of holes in your pool could lead to major water loss, so if you detect that a leak has occurred, be sure to call a professional right away. If you suspect that your pool might be leaking but have not discovered the source of the leak, it is still advisable to have a professional check your pool walls.

Poolman's expert Fort Worth team can resolve any of these issues that you detect. If you decide that your pool needs a more thorough inspection, our employees would be happy to have a look at it and determine if repairs need to be made.