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Here’s why you need a pool if you live in Fort Worth

If you live in the City of Cowboys and Culture, then you're entitled to a laundry list of bragging rights. For example, voted Fort Worth the "best downtown in the nation," and for good reason. It's comprised of 35 blocks dedicated to pure fun. What with good food at every turn, shopping galore and all of the entertainment your heart could desire, it's quite the place to be. From Molly the Trolley to the Fort Worth Water Gardens, the city has everything – with one exception.

Least pools in the country
Fort Worth was named as having the lowest number of swimming pools per capita, as suggested in a new report released by Wallet Hub. It would have come in dead last if not for the three-way tie between Fremont, California, Chesapeake, Virginia – and another Texan city – Laredo, which is just six hours away from Fort Worth. 

The group of researchers stumbled upon this seemingly random information when they were looking into the most active and inactive cities across the nation. By analyzing 100 of the largest U.S. cities on factors like "Budget and Participation," and "Sports Facilities and Outdoor Environment," Wallet Hub analysts came up with metrics on the number of skate parks per capita, bike lanes per square mile and, of course, swimming pools per capita. 

Which means less physical fitness
While it might not seem like a big deal to have the most public pools in the country when you live in such an exciting place as Fort Worth, it actually is. You see, in addition to having fewest pools, the city placed second to last for having the lowest percentage of people who engage in physical activity. Remember, exercise is the key to staying healthy and looking good. 

What with diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity, physical activity is more important than ever. While it's seemingly impossible to convince the city officials of Fort Worth to install more public pools, you as a resident can take it upon yourself to get a pool. And when you think about it, that's a pretty awesome compromise.

A sweet investment
It's not like paying your taxes or filling the tank up with gas – a pool is a luxurious feature for your backyard. You can host summer barbecues there, teach your children how to swim and keep up on your physical fitness. Of course, if you do own a pool, then you already know all of this. 

But your work still isn't done. You need to take good care of the pool as you would other appliances so it functions optimally. Enlist the help of a reputable company, like a Fort Worth pool service provider. They can install up-to-date features, like a salt system or a fountain. You can even have your pool automated so you can adjust the temperature of the water without leaving your backyard. 

The bigger the better when it comes to making your pool attractive. After all, it is Texas.