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Help your pooch beat the dog days of summer

People aren't the only ones who enjoy a dip in the pool. Four-legged companions also like to cool off with an occasional swim and some even drink the water. But like people, dogs can be accident prone as well. Here are some ways to get the water and pooch ready.

The doggy paddle
Not all dogs are natural swimmers. They should be introduced to the pool little-by-little and starting off in a miniature kid's pool could prepare them for the water, suggested Dog Channel. Once the pooch is water-ready, homeowners should take precautionary measures just as they would for children. Sufficient steps should be installed to assure the canine can enter and exit the pool without a hitch. Beyond swimming, there are other ways the water and pet affect one another.   

Drinking from a giant toilet bowl
When dog's are thirsty they're going to drink. In the same fashion that a pooch will lap up water out of a toilet, he'll look to the swimming pool to quench his thirst. The question of safety comes into play because pools are usually full of chemicals that keep it sanitary. The answer, however, varies depending upon the source.

Dog Channel claimed that dogs should never drink out of a swimming pool because the chemicals could make them ill. To decrease the chance of this happening, pet owners can keep a bowl of fresh water beside the pool. The animals can be trained to drink out of a particular apparatus and rewarded with treats to reinforce good behavior.

However, in the case that the pooch does ingest some chlorine water, The Daily Puppy stated that it's not a problem so long as the chemicals are properly maintained. Fort Worth pool service professionals can monitor chlorine and pH levels to keep them safely balanced. It's important to note that if a pool has just been shocked, chemicals will be significantly higher and dogs should be kept away from the water.

Having a salt system installed could reduce the risk of a dog getting sick because unlike chlorine generators, they have fewer chemicals, The Daily Puppy affirmed. The water is less harsh on the animal's skin and eyes as well. Fort Worth pool service experts offer free salt systems to existing customers. In addition to this feature, the professionals can maintain other parts of the pool during service. 

Puppy hair in the filter
Filter systems may require more frequent replacement and repairs for dog-friendly pools. The feature designed to catch dirt that's floating around in the water will also trap fur and animal hairs, which will clog it faster than usual. Tiles, decks and more should be carefully looked after by pet owners to ensure the pooch doesn't injury himself in or around the pool.

The help of Fort Worth pool service professionals combined with proper swimming and pool etiquette can keep the pool and pooch safe.