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Handrails are an excellent remodeling project

This summer, you want to create a vibrant, fun and safe area around your pool in Phoenix. A great way to do this is to invest in handrails around the pool. We hope to offer some helpful tips on how to place them around the water, while promoting the visual aesthetics of your pool and general safety as well. 

At the outset, you want to think about how you want your pool to look. For example, if you want a number of entrances and exits to the pool, consider placing numerous handrails around the various edges of the water. This will also make your pool safe – allowing a quick exit in any direction should something go awry in the water.

Another essential feature you want to consider is acquiring covers to go on your handrails. These covers can help improve grip and traction, avoiding accidents when getting in and out of the pool.  

According to Aquatic International, if your pool has sloped entryways, you have to make sure that there are handrails one either side of the slope. If someone advertently slips while getting in the water, they can quickly hoist themselves up with the aid of the handrails. Here, having a protective cover will be indispensable, ensuring that your guests do not scratch themselves on an abrasive surface while trying to grab something to hold onto. 

You also want to get handrails that help disabled people get into the pool easily. 

"Swimming is one of the best activities for everyone, but more importantly, for people with disabilities because it's gravity-free," said James Rimmer, Ph.D., director of the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability at the University of Illinois in Chicago, according to the source.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has a website that provides information on requirements for pool entrances. 

If you have any other questions about guardrails, contact your local Phoenix pool service.