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Grill smart when cooking by the pool

Summers in Phoenix are almost always full of clear days, warm temperatures and plenty of fun to be had by people of all ages. For the evenings when you want to grill some burgers and dogs by the pool, it's important to practice safety, especially when your family is around.

Before you begin extending invitations out to friends and family, be sure to follow these outdoor grilling safety tips for eating by the pool.

Keep tools close by
The grill can be a fun experience, but it's also dangerous for young kids if they get too close. explained that fire departments respond to almost 8,000 calls per year involving barbecues that lead to injuries and property damage. Because of this, you should remember to always keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use one in case of an emergency. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the grill to avoid any accidents and to make sure that young swimmers don't approach the grill unsupervised.

Establish a safety line
Kids will be curious and try getting close to the grill to see their burgers sizzle on the grate. According to the International Code Council Foundation, you can let them steal a quick glance when you're cooking but should establish a firm safety line around the grill area itself. You can use specific items like chairs and bags, but also draw a line in waterproof chalk to ensure that children don't cross it without your permission. Under no circumstances should kids be allowed to touch or use the grill, and it should never be left unattended.

Practice food safety
Many people might forget that beyond the physical damage that fire can cause externally, the food you're preparing could cause internal harm to adults and children. If your swimming pool operates with chlorinated water, it might result in bacteria making its way onto uncooked meat. Anyone who has been in the pool should wash their hands before handling any of the food, regardless of whether it's cooked or waiting to be tossed onto the flames. You should also avoid leaving the food out in the warm sun or risk it developing bacteria. Additionally, to avoid possible health complications with pool chemicals, you could talk to your local Phoenix pool service about using a salt water system in your pool.