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Getting your Litchfield pool set for warmer weather

As Litchfield pool owners know, cool water is always a perfect solution to beating the heat on a blazing summer day. So why not take care of your pool water before warmer temperatures set in? Cloudy pool water is not something you or your guests will want to swim in. In addition to its ugly appearance, dirty water is unsafe and can lead to various illnesses. Now is the perfect time to have your pool water cleaned, providing you and your guests a healthier, more pleasant swimming experience. And there’s no better Litchfield pool maintenance company to get it done for you than Poolman.

Poolman provides a variety of services that can help to prepare your pool for spring and summer fun. Here are just a couple:

Acid washing
Winter is the best time to have your pool acid washed. This process strips a dirty top layer of plaster from your pool so that a new, fresh layer underneath becomes the top layer. Pebble pools can especially benefit from an acid wash.

As you might imagine, acid washing is a complicated and potentially dangerous project. It involves working with chemicals and should not be performed by just one person. As such, it’s best to leave an acid wash to certified professionals. Fortunately, you can count on Poolman’s stellar Litchfield pool services team to have your pool acid washed quickly and thoroughly. Leave it to Poolman to have your pool cleaner than you’ve ever remembered.

Cartridge cleaning
If you notice that your pool water is not as clear as it once was, you may want to inspect your pool filter. Filters that operate using cartridges require cartridge cleanings every so often. Debris must be rinsed out of the filters and loose particles in the fabric need to be removed. This project is not something that can be easily knocked out right away, so save yourself the time and effort – call Poolman!

Winter is always a good time to take care of any pool projects that need to be done. Poolman knows that many Litchfield residents like to keep their pools open in the winter, which is why we’re dedicated to performing each pool repair and renovation quickly and efficiently. You’ll be happy to have your pool back in pristine condition in no time. You don’t have to wait until warmer spring weather to get your pool in shape. Poolman is ready to work on your pool today!