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Get your Dallas/Ft. Worth pool ready for hot, hot heat

There's nothing like a quick dip when Dallas/Ft. Worth temperatures soar to three-figure heights, and there's no time like the present to contact your Ft. Worth pool service for that all-important pre-season maintenance.

In the best of all worlds, swimming pools need year-round attention to keep water safe and clean, equipment operating at peak efficiency and the entire pool area looking fresh and enticing.

Greet spring hassle-free
Your pre-season to-do list may be filled with items, but pool maintenance need not be one of them. One phone call to Poolman takes it off your list and puts it onto ours. With Poolman, you can choose from full-service, year-round pool maintenance with precisely the services you need, convenient billing arrangements and pool care packages that make sense: 

With cleaning and service schedules tailored to your needs and simplified paperwork, you can greet the new season ready to swim instead of ready to work.

Check for damage
Pre-season is also the perfect time for a once-over of pool, fencing and deck areas to check for any damage. Poolman will work with you to find any areas that are in less than satisfactory condition, including lights, plumbing, tile, filters, motors, heaters, pumps – even details like caulking and pressure washing.

Beginning with the source of clear, safe water – the filtration system – Poolman professionals will make sure your family enjoys every day they spend splashing around, with no concern for unhealthy bacteria or water-borne diseases. Pools, like all other manufactured items, will experience wear and tear over time, but an early "heads-up" to potential cracking, leaking, chipping or small problems of any kind can be fixed easily with a yearly maintenance check, saving money in the long run by averting much larger and more costly problems.

Remember the deck
Like the rest of the pool, the deck is exposed to damaging sunlight, weather and traffic year-round. Poolman not only handles the repairs, but does so in a professional way that avoids the amateur appearance of ugly patches or mismatched paint. Cracking and chipping will happen, but Poolman professionals let you start a new season with a deck that looks brand new.

Consider a change
If you've ever considered the benefits of adding a salt water system, you should know that more than 6,000 homeowners have decided to get the benefits of Poolman's innovative Salt Water Program, and now, as customers in good standing, receive it at no charge.

Imagine – you, too, can luxuriate in soothing soft water that relaxes your muscles, moisturizes your skin, protects your hair color and all but eliminates irritated eyes. Besides enhancing the entire experience, salt water systems improve the water quality, curtail algae blooms and, with on-demand chlorine, reduce the need for chlorine tablets that can harm the environment.

Call Poolman
If you'd like to look forward to an even healthier and more enjoyable experience this coming season, call your Dallas/Ft. Worth professionals now and get the details on how the Free Salt System for pool service customers can make your pool a true oasis this year.