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Get some nifty water features for your pool

You probably want to distinguish your pool from others in your local Phoenix area. Creating a unique look to your pool can be accomplished in fairly straightforward ways. Making your pool an eclectic feature of the neighborhood can be done by acquiring special water features.

One of these features that you may find appealing is creating a water slide that has attributes that make it look like an object you would find in a natural environment. Consider investing in some decorative rocks to go around the slide, giving your pool the appearance of being situated in nature. This will leave a lively touch on your pool this summer. According to Aquatic International, a water slide is also a feature you can use to make your children happy. You can obtain a water slide that has their favorite cartoon characters drawn on the sides. 

Next, consider having some objects serve as conduits for water. Your pool will need to be filled up with water during the summer, so instead of going for the traditional hose to fill up the pool, install a system that brings water through objects, such as decorative stones and other objects you want to place around the pool.

A good idea is to have a series of basins around the water, as they will present an interesting visual appearance while also bringing water into the pool. 

According to HGTV, bubbling containers are another option for water features around the pool. You can use these to set the mood during a party, creating a fun ambience for your guests. The source also suggested creating a living room in your pool area. This can effectively recreate what it feels like to lounge inside your home. Consider this to create a homey feeling this summer.