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Fountains are modest renovations that make a big impact on your pool

Sometimes, it really is all about the little things, even when it comes to something as grandiose as your swimming pool. If you're looking for a small renovation with a big impact, fountains are the way to go. Here are some reasons you should let San Diego pool service professionals install one of the overlooked wonders of a pool.

Aqua Magazine pointed out that water in itself is such a soothing element in nature. Enhancing your pool with a fountain can transcend swimming into a deeper psychological experience. People shouldn't take water's powers for granted, explained the source. Keep in mind that people are constantly building and renovating pools, which could be a sign of water's wonders.

Be one with the pool
On a smaller scale, fountains can connect humans to nature. You can enjoy the natural ambiance of chirping birds while you read a book poolside. The sounds of running water can be reminiscent of childhood days spent at the ocean. In general, running water can make your guests feel more calm, Better Homes and Gardens suggested. The publication pointed out that several options can enhance the overall vibe that you'd like to achieve for your home. 

Smaller fountains can work well with an array of landscapes, BHG explained. They're soothing and visually pleasing. Make your smaller-sized fountain a focal point of the pool by incorporating light hues and plenty of flora in the backyard. Plants that are ready to bloom will bring out the simplicity of your feature.

A timeless style
If you'd like more of a statement fountain, look to the Spanish and the Moors for influence. White marble and several tiers are qualities of Spanish style. Bring the sweet sounds and beautiful smells of La Alhambra to your home. Plant plenty of trees outside of the pool area to mimic this architectural wonder.

BHG suggested that you put your own final touch on the fountain. In one example, a fountain with vibrant blue and yellow tiles was made complete with a sun statue. Put a meaningful relic or a piece of decor on or near your fixture to make it more you. 

Whichever style suits you best, don't underestimate the power of the fountain. You might find it makes you feel more at ease and in tune with mother nature. You could also discover that it enhances your home in ways you didn't think of when you first moved in. Contact San Diego pool service professionals for a little installation that can bring a lot of enjoyment.