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Fort Worth pool service professionals can make the pool more family-friendly

When it comes to the people you love most, safety is of the utmost importance. Although pool parties can be a blast, they can also be a risky environment. Before throwing your next barbeque, let Fort Worth pool service professionals make the backyard more family-friendly.

More often than not, each guest has a different physique and set of swimming skills. This is important to keep in mind because it can save lives. About 10 people die from drowning in a pool every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Handrails, steps and more
Most of these accidents occur in residential swimming pools and they happen because of a person's inability to swim, a lack of supervision and improper or broken pool fixtures. Even if every guest at the party had the aquatic abilities of Michael Phelps, accidents can happen to anyone.

There are several features that Fort Worth pool service professionals can install to reduce the chances of these unfortunate accidents happening at a family get together. Handrails and steps can assist all swimmers in getting in and out of the water. Decks and tiles can be repaired to prevent people from tripping and falling in or around the swimming pool. Even pool drains pose a risk.

Drains can be dangerous
Injuries and even deaths have occurred because the suction from the drain can hold a person underwater or trap a leg or arm. These systems can hold up to 500 pounds, making it very difficult for parents to rescue young ones once they are trapped, reported the New York Daily News. A child could reach down for a toy and get hurt.

Homeowners should also have the pool drain inspected prior to having company over because although pool drains are now required to have covers – the screws could come loose or something can go wrong with the drain causing it to be dangerous. What's more, swimming pools that have been around for more than a decade might not be up to date and equipped with the safety feature that's now mandatory under federal law, stated the source.

Prevent waterborne illness
Since the drain is used to trap germs that are floating around in the pool, it's important that it functions properly. Recreational waterborne illness is caused by people and elements that enter the pool. If the water isn't filtered effectively, swimmers can get sick.

RWIs are spread by contact or ingestion of contaminated water. They come in many forms including respiratory, ear, eye and neurologic problems. MRSA and pinkeye can also be passed on from person-to-person in a swimming pool. To prevent these diseases, homeowners should get their pools cleaned on a regular basis. Chlorine levels change when the skin comes in contact with it and therefore it needs to be modified every few weeks. 

These tips can promote a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. Overall, a pool is a great way to get the whole family together. Just remember that accidents can happen to anyone. Prior to hosting, homeowners should call Fort Worth pool service experts to get the pool ready for some good old fashioned family fun without any worries.