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Find the ideal tile for pools

If you live in the Phoenix area, you're probably getting ready to renovate your pool for the summer. An essential feature of a good pool is a tile that will make it look beautiful, bringing friends and family over to enjoy the vibrant area. According to Landscaping Network, there are a number of different tiles that can be used in a pool, contributing to a visually pleasing swimming location. 

One kind of tile the source suggests using is glass tile. The source noted that this makes the pool reflect different colors, contributing to making your pool look different based on the level of sunlight it absorbs, along with other factors. However, you want to make sure that the construction company laying the tile installs grout. Without this, the source says, the hot summer weather and colder nights leads glass tile to crack.

Another type of tile that will give your pool an interesting look is porcelain tile. The source suggests that this tile will help give your pool a pragmatic improvement, as porcelain has natural benefits, especially in the hot summer. For example, porcelain, unlike stone, doesn't absorb heat, leading to a cooler aquatic experience than is found with other types of tile, like slate, which absorb heat. Slate is also harder to move, which makes porcelain tile easy to construct. 

According to Do It, mosaic tiles will lend your pool a funky, colorful look. The source noted that the type of mosaic designs vary from pool to pool. You can even take the time to work with a graphic designer to get the design hand tailored to your needs, giving the pool a unique look.

Talking to your local Phoenix pool service can also help find ideas about tile for your pool.