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Have questions? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our name change.

The company name has changed to Amenity Pool Services. What does that mean for me?

While the name is changing, there’s nothing new you need to do. We’ll be providing the same services at all locations, enhancing the services we deliver. Here are some highlights:

  • A Simplified Experience: With a single, unified, national brand, you can expect a more straightforward and seamless experience. Whether you’re browsing our website, reaching out for support, or exploring our offerings, you’ll enjoy a unified and consistent experience.
  • Enhanced Service Knowledge: Our team is now even more focused on understanding your needs! Customer service, field technicians, and repair experts are committed to consistent standards in providing you with the best service and maintenance support possible.
  • Improved Customer Service: Our customer service team is excited about our name change and our renewed commitment to our customers. You can expect quicker responses, more knowledgeable support, and an overall enhanced service experience.

Is your website changing?

Yes! The new website name and address is If you continue to go to our old website address, it will redirect you to the new website automatically. That said, please bookmark this new website address once you visit the new site to ensure you are going directly to the new Amenity Pool Services website in the future.

Are my services changing?

The short answer is NO, absolutely not.  We are bringing the same great maintenance and repair services and offerings to all of our locations.

Are my costs for service changing?

No, costs are not changing. Everything moves forward just as it is now. No need to review and change your services, unless you are looking to specifically change your service from what you have currently.

Is my service professional changing?

No, the same service technician you have worked with previously will continue to work with you. There are times when we do need to change technicians, should there be schedule changes, but you can expect the same person to continue to visit your home.

Who do I contact if I need to reach out for assistance?

The same local team will be managing and running your local office. We are working under one name nationally, but each office location is still being managed on a very local basis. Please refer to the website for phone numbers and other contact information such as email addresses. You’ll be working with the same people you’ve worked with previously.

Will my billing be different?

No! The billing process will be the same. Your invoice will be titled at the top with the new name, Amenity Pool Services, followed by DBA (“doing business as”) and the company name you have always worked within your local area. No need to do anything differently on your part.

Are communications from the company going to be different?

The only difference is you need to look out for the name Amenity Pool Services instead of the company name you have previously worked with when you receive your first new emails from us. You will be receiving emails from going forward, and you should look out for those emails and be sure they are not going into your junk or trash folder.

Is ownership changing hands?

No! The name has changed, but ownership has not changed at all. That said, we are committed to bringing you a higher level of service across the board. Simplifying the customer experience across our full network of offices is what we want to bring to you, our loyal customers.

Does this change any of the terms and conditions of agreements or contracts we have with you?

Not at all. All terms and conditions on agreements and contracts remain exactly the same. No changes at all.

Do any of the warranties or guarantees on products and services change?

No, all warranties and guarantees on our services or products will continue exactly as they have in the past.

Is there anything very new that I should be looking out for or be aware of?

Yes, yes, yes! There are some new company initiatives that will be coming your way to make your experience with Amenity Pool Services easier, more convenient, and more pleasurable. Here are two key components coming your way:

  • Customer Portal: In the emails you’ll be receiving, you will be invited to log in to our customer portal. Some of you have already been exposed to the first version of our customer portal, but when we launch our new name on January 1, 2024, all of our customers will get access to the new and improved customer portal. It will be very easy to self-navigate and will allow you to do many, many things directly with our company. Some of the highlights include your ability to see your entire account, review monthly billing, pay your monthly bills automatically, review your service levels, ask for service changes, and much more. The customer portal will make your interactions with Amenity Pool Services a smooth and easy process. That said, you can always call or email us at any time with questions or concerns, and someone will be happy to help you.
  • SMS Messaging: SMS, or Short Message Service, will be available to all of our customers very soon. You will be receiving communications from us asking for your permission to send you SMS text messages. These messages provide an additional level of convenience in working with us. If you provide the approval for us to send you SMS text messages, we will be able to remind you about your bill and when it’s due, as well as communicate other important and timely things you may want to know about your service, seasonal promotions, changes in schedules, and other important topics that will make your interactions with Amenity Pool Services informative and convenient. We do hope you will opt in and join this service when it becomes available.