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Exploring the top 3 health benefits of salt system pools

With swimming season in full swing, there are many homeowners who will make the investment in a new pool during the warm weather months, and one of their biggest decisions is choosing between a chlorinated and salt system pool. While chlorinated pools cost less up front than a salt water design, salt systems are known for their ease of maintenance over time, but also boast a number of unique health benefits over chlorinated designs that may pique the interest of prospective buyers. In the same way that seawater holds a number of perks for swimmers, a salt system pool could be the healthier choice for the foreseeable future.

Gentle on skin
Anyone who’s ever swam in a chlorinated pool will tell you that their skin will smell like the chemicals in the pool for long after jumping in, and pools with poor water balances could leave a residue on the skin that can linger until it is washed off. According to, salt water has many unique benefits for the skin, including helping with skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis, as well as helping to exfoliate, detoxify the skin and promote cellular regeneration. While salt system pools have one-tenth of the salt of seawater, they can still offer the same health benefits over time.

Easy on the eyes
Even with an ideal water balance in a chlorinated pool, these chemicals can be particularly hazardous on the eyes and can cause the dreaded “swimmer red eye” after an extended swimming period. According to Science Line, the chlorine’s pH level is attributable to this eye irritation, and as more outdoor debris, bacteria, fats and oils build up in the water with regular use and alter the water balance, this can cause stinging eyes and irritation. Salt system pools are far easier on the eyes and can maintain their water balance far more effectively than chlorinated designs, which can help swimmers banish those red eyes for good.

Hair benefits
Chlorinated pools are known to dry out hair and leave it smelling like the chemical for long after an individual uses a pool, but this can be avoided with a salt system design. According to, the absence of these chemicals and the low salt levels of these pools and the soft feel of the water make them far more gentle on a swimmer’s hair, which will allow them to avoid long-term imperfections and improved scalp and hair wellness.