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Excellent ways to remodel your pool for aquatic training programs

The Phoenix summer brings great opportunities to do low-impact training in the swimming pool. However, your pool will have to accommodate an exercise regime. Along with some tips on exercise, we offer ways to renovate your pool to get it properly equipped for summer exertions.

Ideas for exercise and renovation
According to Aquatic International, interval training is an ideal type of exercise to do in the pool. This consists of spurts of very intense activity, followed by periods of exertion that's more moderate. An example of interval training in the pool is swimming laps as rapidly as possible, then following these laps with more restrained swimming. To do this, you want to make sure that the pool is free of objects when you begin swimming, giving yourself an unimpeded exercise space.

Make sure pool attains appropriate temperature
The source also suggested that, while doing interval training, you want to keep the temperature of the pool between 80 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pool water exceeds 86 degrees, you want to make sure that you bring the temperature down due to the risk of overexertion in the water. This can happen to even the best swimmer, and keeping the temperature of the water at a moderate level will make the water feel refreshing.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to cool down your pool. According to NBC News, the idea that ice is a good way to reduce the temperature in a pool is mistaken, as even large blocks of ice are quickly melted by the water. A better way to deal with this problem is to purchase a waterfall that allows water to circulate in the pool, cooling it down. Another option is to invest in aerators. These are devices that are installed on the pool and spray cool water to maintain an ideal temperature. 

According to Home Design Lover, there are numerous ways to design a pool for exercise. A key component to designing a visually pleasing lap pool is to secure tiles that correspond to the area around the pool. This will make your pool not only ideal for exercise, but a treat for the eyes. Checking out your local Phoenix pool service can help find a favorable tile and pool area combination. The source cites various styles, such as wooden flooring and mosaic tiles, that will contribute to a unique look for your pool.