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Everything you need to know about a salt system

When you want to have the most relaxing, comfortable and serene swimming environment in your backyard, you should consider calling Poolman and discussing the potential of a salt system installation project. These pieces of equipment come with a variety of benefits, and can make your San Diego pool an even more welcoming and desirable place for friends and family to gather.

One of the best parts about using Poolman for your regular San Diego area pool service needs is that salt systems are a perk. Regular clients who are in good standing are eligible for free salt system installations, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing, and Poolman will take care of all the necessary processes to get your equipment up and running.

What’s the deal with salt systems?
Although you might’ve never heard of a salt system, you’ve likely experienced salt water swimming in the ocean. Many of the same health and other benefits of taking a dip in the ocean are consistent with salt water pools, and you can enjoy all of them following the installation of your new system by Poolman.

Here are some of the general advantages of salt systems:

  • Stress be gone: Salt water has been found to have therapeutic impacts on mood, as it reduces inflammation and calms your muscles and joints. Mental stress can quickly begin to lead to other physical issues, and taking a dip in your salt water pool will keep many of these adversities at bay.
  • Arthritis and skin condition relief: These systems have also been found to have a substantially positive effect on arthritis pain and some skin conditions. In the same way that many tourists will go to either the Great Salt Lake in Utah or the Dead Sea in Israel to obtain these health benefits, you’ll be able to do so from the comfort of your own home.
  • Pool benefits: Salt systems can keep your pool’s water healthier and clear from algae blooms more effectively than other approaches. Additionally, these systems are more eco-friendly than using and handling a variety of chemicals that are commonly targeted at pool purification.

After you get your salt system installed, it will be largely autonomous, as it automatically creates chlorine whenever the pool levels need an adjustment. Don’t hesitate to make your favorite area of the home even more therapeutic – call Poolman today to get a salt system installed.