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Employee FAQs

Have questions? Here are some answers.

Will there be any changes regarding my pay?

No. You will be paid the same amount and manner you have always been paid.

Will there be any changes to my benefits or paid time off?

No. Your benefits and paid time off policies will remain the same

Will my job responsibilities change?

No. You will continue to do your job in the same manner as usual.

Will I receive a new offer letter or employment agreement?

No. Your most current offer letter and / or employment agreement remains as is and you will not receive a new one.

Will I receive new company policies?

As policies are updated in the future, you will receive new policies with the new company name. However, at this time, all company policies remain the same.

Do I still use Workday?

Yes. Your log in remains the same.

Who do I contact for additional information / questions?

Your manager or you may contact Trish Pelletier [email protected]